At WRTL, (Formally known as SANGAM RENEWABLES LIMITED) we take a hands-on approach to solve on-ground projects of our clients.

Our team includes experienced professionals from diverse fields like consulting, renewable energy, investment banking, engineering, and technology.

With an experience of 30+ years in the industry, we have conquered solutions to many complex problems in project execution and have delivered – ‘a smile of satisfaction’ to our clients. The management foresees grooming the next line of business leaders in the renewable sector. With the 2nd generation of management taking over the business & over 50% of employees being below the age of 30, the organizational structure of WRTL compliments the vision of the management.


Nilesh Gandhi

Mr. Nilesh Gandhi

Chairman & Independent Director

Pujan Doshi

Mr. Pujan Doshi

Managing Director

Mehul Mehta

Mr. Mitul Mehta

Independent Director

Mrs. Anita Jaiswal

Mrs. Anita Jaiswal

Independent Woman Director

Mr. Viren Doshi

Mr. Viren Doshi

Executive Director

Sunil Rathi

Mr. Sunil Rathi

Non-Executive , Non- Independent Director

Mr. Hitesh Mehta

Executive Director

Mr. Dilip Panjwani

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Heema Shah

Company Secretary