Capex Model

What is the CAPEX model?

Waaree Renewable Technologies Limited (WRTL) (Formally known as SANGAM RENEWABLES LIMITED) is a pioneer company to look after if you’re going for a CAPEX model.

As the name suggests, the CAPEX model requires its own Capital Expenditure for the set-up of the solar power plant i.e. customer holds ownership of the asset. If the business premises has ample space for installing a solar power plant and the business can make the up-front investment in owning a solar power plant, then a solar capex model should be explored.

A perfect design is the first step to start on any Solar Project. Our design process starts by understanding your requirements, conducting a site survey, and monitoring the weather conditions.

WRTL Experts then analyse the site’s power generation capacity according to the Area and Electricity consumption patterns (Load Profile) to complete the engineering design.

Detailed Design & Engineering
Detail Design

Waaree group is the largest Solar Energy equipment manufacturer in India. Being a one-stop solution for all solar needs of any individual; we procure raw materials of the best quality & even take care of customer preferences by keeping a flexible procurement process so as to make it as customized as possible. On the other hand, we ensure to maintain performance & reliability of solar plant by taking care of end to end services for our customers.

Procurement of Components
Procurement Component

Our engineers hold vast expertise on a variety of constructions like Distributed Solar, Solar Farms and Energy Storage Solutions.

We have been working on a wide range of customized projects for our customers. We ensure that our experienced engineers install the renewable energy plant in such a way that the system runs efficiently through its lifetime, offering you uninterrupted service and maximizing the plant’s performance. WRTL holds fastest project execution records in the Industry without compromising in quality standards.

Installation & Commissioning

WRTL monitors a large portfolio of renewable energy plants continuously, to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. It offers a 360 degree solution beginning from checking the project feasibility to installation and operations & maintenance of the renewable energy plant through a 24*7 remote monitoring solution.

At GW level even a small downtime cost millions. Here’s when our dedicated team ensures to mitigate every possible cause of downtimes.

Operations & Maintenance
Operations and Maintenance

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