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Corporate Governance

BSE Filings

Name Of File Date Download
Q4 & FY24 Results Earning Call_Audio File21st May 2024
Q3 & 9MFY24 Results31st January 2024
Third Earning Call_Audio File6th November 2023
Second Earnings Call_Audio File28th July 2023
Intimation of Investor Meeting24th July 2023
Press Release24th July 2023
First Earnings Call_Audio File26th May 2023
Newspaper Advertisement of Postal Ballot Notice & E-voting26th May 2023
Notice of Postal Ballot24th May 2023
Press Release22nd May 2023
Investor Presentation22nd May 2023
Newspaper Advertisement22nd May 2023
Board Approval on Dividend19th May 2023
Award of Receipt of Order31st March 2023
Update on Letter of Award31st March 2023
Change in Directors29th March 2023
Grant of ESOP29th March 2023
Newspaper Advertisement15 February 2023
Press Release14 February 2023
Investor Presentation14 February 2023
Voting Result & Proceeding of 23rd AGMSeptember 2022
News paper advertisementAugust 2022
Book Closure for 23rd AGMAugust 2022
Record Date for Final DividendAugust 2022
Intimation for 23rd AGM August 2022
Grant of ESOP 23July 2022
Intimation for Board Meeting02 August 2022
Closure of Trading Window30.06.2022
News Paper Ad- Postal Ballot NoticeMay-2022
News Paper Ad- BMMay-2022
Postal Ballot Notice-
Compliance Certificate Reg 7(3)April-2022
Clause 40 (9) Report-
Trading window closure-
Postal Ballot Result-
CG ReportMarch 2022
Notice of Board meeting16 May 2022
Notice of Board meeting1 April 2022
Notice of Board meeting1 Feb 2022
Form no MGT-7June-21
Certificate under regulation 74(5)-
Corporate Governance Report for quarter ended30.09.2021
Closure of Trading Window-
Reg- 30 Order Masaya Solar Energy Pvt Ltd30.09.2021
Notice of AGMSeptember 04, 2021
Newspaper Publication – Postal Ballot Notice-
Postal Ballot Notice25.05.2021
Notice of Board Meeting to be held06.08.2021
Notice of Board Meeting to be held10.05.2021
Notice of Board Meeting to be held05.02.2021
Notice of Board Meeting to be held05.10.2020
Newspaper Advertisement for AGM, E-Voting and Book Closure-
Notice of 21st AGM to be held19.09.2020
Notice of Book Closure and Annual General Meeting2020
Notice of Board Meeting to be held12.08.2020
Outcome of Board Meeting held12.08.2020
Outcome of Board Meeting held15.06.2020
Notice of Board Meeting to be held06.15.2020
Notice of Board Meeting to be held07.02.2020
Proceedings of 20th AGM held10.09.2019
Voting results of 20th AGM held10.09.2019
Publication of Notice of AGM to be held10.09.2019
Notice of Book Closure and Annual GeneralMeeting-2019
Notice of Board meeting to be held26.07.2019
Notice of Board meeting to be held14.05.2019
Results of voting at EGM heldMarch 28, 2019
Proceedings of EGM held onMarch 28,2019
Corrigendum 2 to the Notice of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to be heldMarch 28, 2019
Corrigendum to the Notice of EGM to be held28.03.2019
Notice of EOGM to be held28.03.2019
Notice of BM to be held11.02.2019
Outcome of BM held11.02.2019
Notice of Board MeetingNovember-2018
Outcome of BM held03rd November 2018
Notice of 17th AGM to be held30.09.2016
Proceedings of 17th AGM held30.09.2016
Voting results of 17th AGM held on30.09.2016
Notice of 18th AGM to be held15.09.2017
Proceedings of 18th AGM held15.09.2017
Result of 18th AGM held on15.09.2017
Publication of Notice of AGM to be held in newspaper28.08.2018
Proceedings of 19th AGM held28.08.2018
Voting Results of 19th AGM held28.08.2018
Postal BallotNotice 2018
BSE_Intimation of newspaper advertisement of Postal Ballot-
Minutes of the proceeding of postal ballot30.03.2018
Postal BallotResult 2018
Outcome of Board Meeting22nd June 2018
Notice of Book Closure22nd June 2018
Outcome of Board Meeting28th May 2018
Notice of Board Meeting Postponement28th May 2018
Notice of Board Meeting and closure of Trading Window-
Outcome of Board Meeting30th January 2018
Intimation of Board Meeting20th January 2018
Outcome of Board Meeting14th November 2017
Notice of Board Meeting2nd November 2017
Notice for Book Closure and Annual General Meeting-
Notice of Board Meeting08th August, 2017
Notice of Adjourned Board Meeting16th May 2017
Notice of Board Meeting9th May 2017
Notice of Board Meeting4th February 2017
Investor GrievanceSeptember 2016
Investor GrievanceJune 2016
Clause 55A Report30.06.2016
Clause 40 (9) Report30.06.2016
Compliance Certificate Reg 7(3)31.03.2016
Statement Reg 1331.03.2016
Notice of Board MeetingNovember 2016
Notice of Board Meeting13.02.2016
Clause 55A Share reconciliation Report31.12.2015
Statement Regulation 1331.12.2015

Shareholding Pattern

Name Of File Date Download
Shareholding PatternSeptember - 2023
Shareholding PatternJune - 2023
Shareholding PatternMarch - 2023
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2022
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2022
Shareholding PatternJune – 2022
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2022
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2021
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2021
Shareholding PatternJune – 2021
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2021
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2020
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2020
Shareholding PatternJune-2020
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2020
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2019
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2019
Shareholding PatternJune – 2019
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2019
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2018
Shareholding PatternSeptember 2018
Shareholding PatternJune – 2018
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2018
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2017
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2017
Shareholding PatternJune – 2017
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2017
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2016
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2016
Shareholding PatternJune – 2016
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2016
Shareholding PatternDecember – 2015
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2015
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2015
Shareholding PatternSeptember – 2014
Shareholding PatternMarch – 2014