As climate change has advanced, the need for our society’s environmental awareness has grown beyond the point of personal accountability. One of the major reasons of Global Warming is the excess utilization of Fossil fuels. The more natural & limited sources of energy we burn – like oil, gas, and coal – the more greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere. And needless to say, these pollutants will derange Earth’s delicate balance, resulting in environmental destruction. Hence aiming towards a sustainable living we do our bit to encourage people to adapt green energy. With our presence in 350+ locations PAN India & being close to local communities, we run a wide variety of Programs to help people understand and react in a more responsible way.

sustainable living
Sustainable living


  • Improving the life of 100000+ children through our education initiative.
  • Helping in the reduction of CO2 emissions by promoting green energy.
  • Aiding 500+ employees & workers through our health and Safety programs.
  • Terminating the use of packaged drinking water & promoting the same in the lives of our employees & associates.


Waaree Energies has planned to create a sustainable living through channels like-

1. Supporting children by providing education facilities.

2. Protecting the environment, health & safety through encouraging adaption of green energy.

3. Engaging communities in programs promoting responsible actions towards the environment.