Resco/Opex Model

What is the RESCO model?

Waaree Renewable Technologies Limited (WRTL), (Formally known as SANGAM RENEWABLES LIMITED) is a pioneer company to look for if you’re going for the RESCO model.

Under the RESCO (renewable energy service company) model - a firm develops, installs, finances, operates, and owns the rooftop solar power project and supplies power generated from the Project to the consumer on whose premises the Project is set up or to the grid through net-metering.

RESCO works as a zero-investment model. Unlike CAPEX model, it does not require capital investment to install a Solar plant. Here, the consumer only pays for the electricity generated & the plant is owned by RESCO developer. As a consumer you only need to pay for a pre-decided monthly tariff which is lower than the grid electricity tariff, without the additional burden of maintenance of Solar Plant.

ZERO Upfront Investment
Zero Upfront

Waaree Renewable Technology Limited, as a RESCO developer, takes complete ownership that the Professional and Trained Experts that we assign, make sure of the Operations & Maintenance of the plant for duration of its lifetime in a way that the power generation capacity remains maximized.

Seamless O & M

Government has targeted 40GW Rooftop Capacity till 2022. In order to achieve this goal, upto 70% subsidy is given to RESCO solar developers in some special category states. Not only this, but in some states the government is also offering its premises for the development of plant.

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